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About Treemont Health Care Center

Treemont Health Care Center was the first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Houston and is proud to have now served multiple generations of satisfied family members. A key tenet of our operations is that Treemont has a non-discriminatory policy whereby we serve everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, or gender. We welcome all residents we can serve.

Our Health Care Center in Houston, TX is family-owned and operated which affords direct involvement by the owners with the daily operations for the benefit of its residents. Treemont is a special place due to its long-tenured, caring staff, many of which have 20 or 30+ years of service. We have staff that has made a decision to return to Treemont for their own retirement. As we celebrate our 40th year of service to the community, we welcome you to visit and see why residents call Treemont home!

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is for you to find the best place that suits your needs, and your lifestyle. We hope that you find that Treemont Retirement Community is that place. Whether or not Treemont is the right place for you, though, we are committed to service.

Our Treemont resident counselors take a 411 approach to assist families in the process of finding which level of care will best meet the needs of their loved ones, whether that be Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehab, and/or long-term care.

Treemont is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that has all four of these care levels, which most often permits us to meet residents changing care needs. When families call our goal is to help them find the best senior solution for themselves or their loved one, even if it may not be Treemont.

our health care center staff
Treemont Health Care Center Staff
Treemont Health Care Center Nursing Staff
Treemont Healthcare Center Staff

Our Staff

Gina Powell, MBA, LNFA

We enthusiastically welcome back Gina Powell as Treemont Health Care Center’s administrator. Gina knows the community well having filled in as interim while a past administrator was on maternity leave. Gina comes to Treemont as a Healthcare administrator with a career including entrepreneurship, management, consulting and business leadership. Prior to becoming a Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator, she served as a Practice Manager for multiple physician groups and as Director of Business Services for Houston Hospice for a decade. When the opportunity presented itself, we are fortunate she has decided to return home to Treemont to support our residents, families and staff.

Treemont Healthcare Center Melanie Groves, Social Worker

Melanie Groves, LBSW, Admissions/Social Worker

As the Director of Admissions, Melanie is a key person to speak with if you are a prospective resident, current resident or family member, as she has a dual Admissions / Social Worker role. Melanie is often the first point of contact for Independent Living and Hospital residents who transition to Treemont’s Health Care Center full-time, temporarily for rehabilitation or Assisted Living. Residents often come to skilled nursing, rehab, or assisted living following medical setbacks, such as a complicated infection, a fall resulting in a fracture, or a stroke resulting in the need for retraining in daily living tasks. Melanie is crucial in explaining care options in simple terms and creating a smooth transition for Treemont residents.

The Social Worker in a Nursing Home & Assisted Living Community is key to ensuring our residents’ varied needs are met. Health Care Center Director of Social Services Melanie Grove has been serving Treemont residents since June 2012. Melanie coordinates resident care plans with families and staff, ensures safe discharge planning, resolves any issues that arise, including involving the ombudsman, and provides activity support, especially for the Music & Memory Program. 

Haley Magar, RN BSN, Director of Nurses (DON)

Haley Magar, RN BSN, Director of Nurses (DON)

Promoted from Assistant Director of Nurses, Treemont HCC is fortunate to have Haley in the key nursing leadership role to guide our nursing team. Haley’s enthusiasm and dedication to Treemont residents and staff are contagious. She is dedicated to patient care and has built a team of committed staff to care for our skilled nursing, rehabilitation, long-term care, and assisted living residents. Haley takes a hands-on role in staff training and education, working side by side to guide staff. With her calm demeanor, Haley is a favorite among residents and their familiy members.   

Treemont Healthcare Center Carrie Gray, LVN, Assistant Director of Nurses (ADON)

Carrie Gray, LVN, Assistant Director of Nurses (ADON)

Carrie was hired as Treemont’s Wound Care nurse and is VOHRA certified. She quickly grew into a key leadership role as Treemont’s ADON. Carrie and Haley work hand in hand with our residents, families, and staff to ensure top-quality care and maintain infection control standards. We are pleased with the calm, steady leadership and training skills that Carrie brings to the Treemont team.

Treemont Health Care Center Staff Jennifer Case

Jennifer Case, LVN, Assisted Living Manager and Infection Control Specialist

Jennifer joined our Treemont Family in June 2012, starting as a nurse in the skilled nursing unit. In 2013, she was reassigned to the Assisted Living Facility as the nurse manager. Jennifer brings to our community her nursing skills, leadership, dedication, and on any given day, very hard work. Upon returning to Treemont after two years at another facility as an infection preventionist, staff cried happy tears of joy when introduced as their returning leader. Jennifer has been described as that little duck going across the water; on the water, everything looks smooth and so very easy, but under the water, the little feet paddle and work hard. Jennifer moves throughout the facility gently and quietly but always working. She is the individual who ensures the best quality of life for all of the residents who reside in Assisted Living.

Treemont Health Care Center Anny Ortiz, Business Office Manager

Anny Ortiz, Business Office Manager

Anny Ortiz compassionately and knowledgeably steps in to help your family to navigate billing and insurance questions. Anny is often the key person who verifies the Medicare insurance benefits for incoming Treemont residents after a hospital stay. Anny also works with families with the resources to qualify for the Medicaid “spend down” bed process. Anny is always cheerful and upbeat as she pays our bills and does our monthly billings. Questions on insurance and billing, please ask for Anny.

Tiffany Okonkwo, Director of Therapy

What sets Treemont Health Center apart is its award-winning, top-notch therapy team, led by Tiffany. Residents often come to Treemont with hip and femur fractures, unable to bear weight or stand independently. Treemont’s fantastic success rate is why many residents specifically come to its’ nursing center to work with its therapy team. The team fosters an optimistic, motivational, and fun atmosphere that so positively impacts its residents’ success, permitting them to go back to walking on their own and even return home. The goal of rehab and therapy is to help patients return to their independent lifestyle.


Ashley Burnett, Director of Activities

As Treemont’s Activity Director, Ashley develops activities programming for our assisted living and skilled nursing residents. Programs are designed to enhance resident’s overall well-being. Ashley’s monthly calendar of events maintains a balance of activities that are reflective of physical, social, sensory stimulation, parties, and special events. In addition, Ashley manages the HCC volunteer program. Ashley has been successful in every role she has been asked to perform, including as Concierge and Receptionist. She is now a Certified Activities Director specializing in activities for residents at different Alzheimer’s and dementia levels. The families and residents love Ashley and are excited to have her lead this key program.


Treemont Health Care Center Staff Helen Tillery

Helen Tillery, Dietary Manager and Medical Records Clerk

Treemont is fortunate to have long-term, caring employee Helen Tillery manage these dual roles for 12 years. A key aspect of providing quality care for nursing and assisted living residents is understanding the dietary requirements of each resident. As Dietary Manager, Helen assesses each resident to ensure they receive the proper diet and, if needed, thickened liquids due to swallowing difficulties. In Helen’s Medical Records Clerk role, she maintains patient charts. As a State of Texas regulated nursing facility, Helen must keep many essential Medical Records requirements to maintain our certification.


Jada Russell, LVN, Wound Care Nurse

Jada joined the Treemont Team in Fall 2021 and personifies the type of employee we seek at Treemont Health Care Center. Moving from Maryland to Texas to be closer to her family, Jada was searching for a new home with the same work ethic and values. Jada is passionate about working as a nurse in an environment that is focused on patient care, and values team work. Jada started as a Charge Nurse, expressed interest in learning new skills and has trained to become VOHRA-certified in Wound Care. We are fortunate to have Jada as part of the Treemont Management Team.

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