What sets Treemont Health Center apart is its top-notch therapy team. Residents often come to Houston nursing homes with hip and femur fractures, without the capability to bear weight or stand on their own. Read about the huge positive impact quality therapy can have on a resident’s recovery. Each part of the therapy program whether, be it physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy, plays a huge role in residents’ strengthening process. After working with this Houston nursing home therapy team, residents are able to go back to walking on their own and even return home. The goal of rehab and therapy is to help patients return to their independent lifestyle.

Photo caption aboveThe Treemont Therapy Team, listed from left to right:Norman Kinsley Quia, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) Kinshasa Rachel Ilag, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) Aleen Virtudazo, Occupation Therapist (OT) Donna Kelley, Physical Therapy Assistant (PA) Krshina Matthews, Speech Therapist (ST); Jobert Macas, Physical Therapist (PT) and Therapy Director.

Treemont’s fantastic success rate is why many residents specifically come to its’ nursing center, to work with its therapy team. The team fosters such an optimistic, motivational, and fun atmosphere that so positively impacts the success of its residents. For example, a huge factor in therapy is the power of music. Treemont’s team is always playing fun and uplifting music that gets the residents moving and keeps their spirits lifted. The uplifting atmosphere of the therapy room is contagious. Residents, staff, family members, and the team cannot help but join in the fun and help motivate each other. The resident become a team and help encourage each other throughout the process. Therapist Donna Kelley states, “We tell our residents not to look at where you are now, but to look at where you are going, and before you know it you will get three.”

Once residents achieve their therapy goals, Treemont nursing assistants teach restorative therapy, so residents’ therapy accomplishments are maintained. Treemont Health Care Center is also distinguished by its caring staff and its small, intimate environment. If you or a loved one has a question on therapy or nursing care, please call Admissions Director Melanie Grove at 713-783-4100 or via her cell at (713) 816-2033 or email her at MelanieG@TreemontHC.com. Or visit www.TreemontHC.com. Treemont offers assisted living, home health, and nursing care on its beautiful, wooded 9-acre continuing care campus, located at 2501 Westerland at Westheimer Blvd.

As residents achieve their therapy goals, it is common for them to transition to Independent Living. Read about how one resident came in on a gurney and walked out to her Houston independent living apartment. Hear how Bob had a fall in his independent apartment, went to this Houston nursing home rehab center and returned to his apartment. That is the goal of therapy and rehab! Learn about alternative assisted living Houston options and continuum of care communities that will help you remain independent.

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