I had an accident. I got up about 10:30 on August 25th I got up while watching television and fell back and hit my head against a wood cabinet…I called the office and they called 911. There’s someone here 24/7. Anyway, I spent about a month at Skilled Nursing at  (Treemont) Health Care Center. They had good nurses and good aides. I was at Hermann Memorial for my surgery. And I had a very good doctor and I more or less insisted they send me back to Treemont skilled nursing. And the reason was I was living here. I wanted to come back to my apartment. I have my computer and do all my desk things and I like sports, so I’m going to watch the Longhorns when I get back to my apartment.               

                                                            ~Bob G, Treemont Resident

Read or listen to resident Bob discuss the benefits of residing at a senior living or assisted living facility with multiple levels of care on the same campus. For more information on Treemont’s continuum of care, please call Lupe or Linda at 713-783-6820 or email lupe@Treemont.com.

Resident Bob discusses his journey from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing and back to his senior independent living apartment. After experiencing a fall, Bob did his rehab at Treemont nursing home in Houston, TX, known for its excellent nursing rehab program. Treemont nursing makes sure residents do their therapy so they can return to their senior living apartment as did Bob. It is fairly common for residents to move from between nursing care, assisted living and independent living at Treemont Retirement Community. That is the purpose of a Continuing Care Retirement Campus (CCRC) — so your address does not have to change as your needs do!  

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